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2012-nî 2-goe̍h 21-ji̍t (Pài-jī)

2011-nî 11-goe̍h 30-ji̍t (Pài-saⁿ)

2011-nî 11-goe̍h 22-ji̍t (Pài-jī)

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2011-nî 7-goe̍h 1-ji̍t (Pài-gō·)

2011-nî 6-goe̍h 26-ji̍t (Lé-pài)

2011-nî 6-goe̍h 23-ji̍t (Pài-sì)

2011-nî 6-goe̍h 22-ji̍t (Pài-saⁿ)