Wikimedia Board of Trustees Election, 2011 preferential schulze en 2011-05-29T00:00:00Z 2011-06-12T23:59:59Z 200 Tim Starling|Abbasjnr|Werdna|Ral315|Matanya|Mardetanha|Jon Harald Søby 2 gpg 200 board-vote-2011 1 1 1$site/$lang/w 1 2011年理事會選舉 Wikimedia Board of Trustees Election, 2011 歡迎參與維基媒體基金會理事會2011年的選舉。 我們將選出3人,代表各維基計畫的用戶社群。 他們將獨力或與團隊一起,幫助決定維基媒體計畫的未來走向,同時在理事會中代表<b>你</b>的利益及考量。他們會決定創造收入的方式,及募得款項的分配。 請在投票前,仔細閱讀參選人陳述及對質問的回應。每位參選人都是受尊重的用戶,貢獻了相當多的時間與精力來營造維基計畫的友善環境,使其為人類知識的追求及自由分散服務。 請將候選人按照你的投票意向排序,最希望其當選的候選人填1,其次填2,如此類推。 你可以給不同的候選人相同的次序,或者不與次序。 我們會預設你會派次序給比較喜歡的候選人,所有不與次序的候選人將獲得同一次序,而且較已排序的為高。 選舉結果將會以舒茨法(the Schulze method)計算出來,詳情請參考選舉的官方頁面。 更多資訊,見: * [ 選舉的常見問題解答] * [ 參選人] * [ Schulze method] Welcome to the 2011 election for the Wikimedia Board of Trustees. We are voting for three people to represent the community of users on the various Wikimedia projects. They will help to determine the future direction that the Wikimedia projects will take, individually and as a group, and represent <em>your</em> interests and concerns to the Board of Trustees. They will decide on ways to generate income and the allocation of moneys raised. Please read the candidates' statements and responses to queries carefully before voting. Each of the candidates is a respected user, who has contributed considerable time and effort to making these projects a welcoming environment committed to the pursuit and free distribution of human knowledge. Please rank the candidates according to your preferences by filling in a number beside the box (1 = favourite candidate, 2 = second favourite, ...). You may give the same preference to more than one candidate and may keep candidates unranked. It is presumed that you prefer all ranked candidates to all not ranked candidates and that you are indifferent between all not ranked candidates. The winner of the election will be calculated using the Schulze method<!-- Not decided yet! -->. For more information, see the official election pages. For more information, see: * [ Board elections 2011] * [ Candidates] * [ Schulze method]<!-- Not decided yet! --> 本次投票將在[ SPI]伺服器上操作。請點擊下面的按鈕轉移到投票伺服器。 This vote will be conducted on servers operated by [ SPI]. Click the button below to be transferred to the vote server. local 201